Explorations in Sights and Sounds

Explorations in Sights and Sounds

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Explorations in Sights and Sounds





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This collection of fifteen essays edited by Wrench and Solomos is derived from the proceedings of a 1991 conference on "Racism and Migration in Europe in the 1990s,” held in England and organized by the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations at the University of Warwick and the Public Policy Centre of the Department of Politics and Sociology, Birkbeck College, University of London. The purpose of this international meeting was to bring together scholars working on these topics and to examine the European situation today. The proceedings analyze the social and political debates surrounding immigration in European countries, where the need to accommodate greater racial, ethnic, and religious diversity has been accompanied by growing intolerance and hostility towards immigrants. Since resolving social questions raised by immigration has become a priority for most governments and since the European Union plans to harmonize policies, legislation, and rights, this volume fulfills the need for greater international exchange and cooperation between researchers and policy makers. The present collection points to similarities in immigration, and sources and forms of racism in Europe as a whole, but also to differences due to specific socio-historical situations.


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