Explorations in Sights and Sounds

Explorations in Sights and Sounds


Kumiko Takahara

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Explorations in Sights and Sounds





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People who are regarded as minorities by their dominant peers are pressured to establish their identity as citizens of a nation and as individuals of a distinct culture. Their identity may be articulated differently governed by such factors as language, race, gender, political and economical status, and so on. All of the fifteen essays collected in this book are purported to address various material conditions of discourse revolving around nation and ethnicity with special focus on linguistic conditions in the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. These essays roughly fall into two categories according to their focus either on the styles or the content of the discourse in literature, translations, and heteroglossia. The quality of these essays is not uniform. Some are mere exercises in rhetoric with little substance, while some others have too narrow a scope or the points of argument are not clear. As a whole, this book will serve best for those who are interested in theoretical orientations or ethnic writers who are drawn to such figures as Mikhail Bakhtin and Jacques Derrida.


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