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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Christiana Lafazani


In a perfect world, teamwork just exists. People function harmoniously with each other & their environment. Although we do not live in a perfect world, people and environments can always change and adapt to better their relationships. The Pumphouse was abandoned 41 years after the project was completed because it no longer met the needs and performed the functions that it needed to perform. It no longer serves the same purpose that it once did. And while acknowledging its past, it must also address its new functions and become a piece of beautiful, usable architecture once more. This space will encourage visitors to break down the established barriers from their home or workplace environments and experience true, lasting teamwork. Through chance encounters, shared spaces, and large group gathering areas, guests are encouraged to interact with each other in more than the expected ways. In breaking down barriers and formal establishments, guests embark upon a beautiful process intended to change the way they interact with each other. This process of discovery-symbolized by the elements within this space- encourages the visitors to grow, discover and become enchanted- and not disappointed- by what they find.


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May 2009