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Master of Fine Arts



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Ronald Keller


For my thesis, I recorded the progression of my show, The Constant Wife. I discuss the conception of my original scene design as well as the changes that occurred while working with the director and other designers. Throughout the thesis, I address the problems that arose during the pre-production, what I did to rectify those situations, and what I might have done differently if given the opportunity. I have divided the thesis into the following sections – Process of the Pre-Production, Execution of the Design and Evaluation of the Design. The final section of my thesis details what I learned from the events that transpired and how I can apply those lessons to future designs. Several appendixes are included that give various pieces of information that I used to develop my design as well as the majority of my research, including a larger version of the images in this paper, my drafting, and photos of the finished set. This document was created in Microsoft Word MAC.


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June 2008