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Master of Fine Arts


Visual Communication

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Mary Mclaughlin


Changes in culture, design, fashion and lifestyle are very common for a developing country such as Thailand. Losing the identity and significant quality of Thai culture is the biggest concern in this rapid movement in Thai society. The biggest challenge is to preserve the existing culture within the development in the society. These problems within the rapid change not only affect Thai lifestyle and fashion but also Thai graphic design. There is a trend in poster design, advertising, and packaging to follow Western design. That influence suggests that Thai design follow a Western model in order to be as successful. Thai type designers have adopted the elements of the roman type and applied them to Thai letterforms without considering the impact on the Thai language. As a result, important characteristics of the Thai letterforms have been lost because of this borrowing of Western forms. My creative project is to design Thai letterforms that reflect Thai culture. The development of my letterform design will be translated in systematic ways. The generation of forms will be demonstrated through my design methodology.


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June 2008