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Dr. Everett L. Worthington Jr.


This study examined models of self and other as they relate to attachment, forgiveness, emotional and cognitive reactions to a breakup, relationship variables, and positive and negative feelings toward the self and former partner after a romantic relationship is ended. This study also tested how these variables change over time. Data were collected over a period of five weeks from 130 undergraduates who had experienced a breakup within the two weeks prior to beginning the study. Data were analyzed with a series of univariate and multivariate analyses of variance. Results found that there were differences in how participants reacted to the relationship breakup based on attachment style. There were some changes over time in the variables for all the attachment styles, and there was only one interaction between time and attachment style. Results are discussed in terms of previous research findings. Limitations of the current study are discussed and suggestions for future research are presented.


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June 2008

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