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Master of Fine Arts



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Lester Van Winkle


I subscribe to the notion that art is the process of capturing a moment in life, by way of projection on to an artist's senses, and a subsequent filtering through his mind, and ultimately a materialization through his hands and instruments. However, that is just the beginning. To take a life of its own, the work of art should further find its way into the minds of its viewers or listeners again through a series of projections and filtering. The excitement of the moment that impinges upon the senses of the artist can be very powerful at times, so powerful that the artist can be blinded by its sheer power, in which case the intervention of critique can play a vital role.A discussion of how a piece of my own artwork comes into existence is in order: the relationship between me and the material world plays a pivotal role in my creations. This relationship is one of sharing the same space, and in doing so, impacting character, essence and meaning to materials. This process entails a change of meaning, importance and use. In the stage of design, I see the work first fledgling, and then taking flight - spontaneously, without forcing my imagination. The constructed form usually just dawns upon me when I am not contemplating.


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June 2008