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Master of Fine Arts



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Dr. Elizabeth King


This thesis is an exciting and enthralling story about the history of the world as seen through the eyes of Claire Watkins. The story takes place in the dusty corners of her art studio in the old confederate capital, Richmond, Virginia. Ms. Watkins leads her audience through such unsuspecting places as her brain, the life of an African Dung Beetle, the center of an atom and the dark reaches of outer space. The story is inspirational and thought provoking. It will force you to see the world as an interconnected web that weaves your life together with the cosmos. A must read for the summer!"Truly exceptional…a wonderful Thesis…highly recommended!" - Ruby Westcoat"I never thought of the world quite like that…now I see everything in a new and electrifying way." - Timothy Devoe"Once again she proves to be my favorite contemporary artist and author" - Virgil Hale Rhames


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June 2008