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The purpose of this study was to determine if prophylactic ankle tape and/or ankle braces improve dynamic stability in TTS measure. All subjects were healthy and had no prior history of ankle injuries. Data collection consisted of each subject performing a single leg jump-landing with ankle tape, ankle brace, combination of the two, and control (no tape or brace) conditions. Dynamic stability was assessed with time to stabilization force plate measure. Significant plane by ankle tape interaction (p=0.045) was found. No significant plane by ankle tape by ankle brace interaction (p=0.637), no significant ankle tape by ankle brace interaction (p=0.483), or plane by ankle brace interaction (p=0.697) were found. A notable finding was that subjects took longer to stabilize in the anterior/posterior direction than medial/lateral direction. In conclusion ankle tape, ankle brace, and the combination of ankle tape and ankle brace did not statistically improve dynamic stability in healthy ankles.


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June 2008