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Purpose: To compare the in-vitro shear bond strengths of a new paste-paste formulation of resin-modified glass-ionomer cement (Rm-GIC) to an exising powder-liquid formulation. The study will test the hypothesis that the new paste-paste formulation of Rm-GIC (Fuji-Cem ™, GC Corp, Tokyo, Japan) has the same bond strength as an existing popular powder-liquid formulation of Rm-GIC (Rely-X ™ Luting Cement, 3M, St. Paul, MN)Materials and Methods: A total of 33 human molars were sectioned parallel to the occlusal surface to expose mid-coronal dentin and mounted parallel to the bond shearing device on the universal testing machine (Instron). For Group I samples (Rely-X, n=15), the powder and liquid were measured and adjusted to achieve a ratio of 1.6 and mixed for 30 seconds as recommended by the manufacturer. For Group II (Fuji-Cem, n=18), the paste-paste was expressed from the paste-dispenser provided by the manufacturer and mixed for 10 seconds as recommended. After testing, the teeth from group II were bonded on a different site with the same material but mixed for 20 seconds (n=18). To ensure a uniform flow and bond surface area, the mixed cement was syringed into a cylindrical mould (diameter 2.38mm, height 2mm) and allowed to set under constant force. All samples were subjected to fracture by shear loading on a universal testing machine (Instron) at a uniform crosshead speed of .02" per minute and expressed as MPa. Values were analyzed at the pResults: Wilcoxon rank sums test showed significantly higher shear bond strength values for Rely-X compared to Fuji-Cem mixed both at 10 seconds and 20 seconds. Mixing for 20 seconds resulted in stronger bonds for Fuji-Cem compared to 10 seconds, but was still significantly lower than Rely-X.Conclusions: Within the limitations of the study, the Rely-X powder-liquid formula shows a significantly stronger dentin shear bond strength when compared to the new paste-paste formula of resin-modified glass ionomer cement, Fuji-Cem.


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