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Master of Art Education


Art Education

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Dr. Nancy Lampert


This study examined whether art lessons, provided using an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), were effective in transferring learning to a diverse student population. The descriptive investigation focused on three main areas; the impact of the IWB on student learning, the time invested in integrating the IWB, and the compatibility of the IWB with my teaching style. The research took place over fourteen weeks starting in late August, 2006, and continued in my art room during the first quarter of the school year. Data were collected through daily journal entries, video taped lessons and interviews. Although long hours were required for training and creating IWB lessons, student participation increased by 60% and the active learning produced deeper understanding and retention of the lessons. Utilization of the SMART Board (TM) facilitated whole group learning by accommodating diverse learning styles and student needs.


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June 2008

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