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Master of Art Education


Art Education

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Dr. Pamela G. Taylor


In this thesis, I identify and explore approaches to middle school art curricula that address the cultural expectations of gender in visual culture media. I use images from the Japanese comic Manga: Ranma1/2 to develop units of instruction with goals of engaging students in relating the study of art to their visual culture outside the classroom. The unit has three lessons that deal with cultural expectations of gender to help students become aware of understand gender differences in contemporary society. In the lessons, students examine how the Manga characters are depicted differently according to the character's gender. Also, the teacher utilizes feminist pedagogy which considers how educators and students can work in a classroom with less power struggles. Educators provide students space to let them open-minded to have conversation in the classroom. Through sharing personal experience and interacting with classmates and teachers, students may owing to the empower activity to get more confidence in their academic studies.


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June 2008

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