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THE BOND STREGTH OF ADHESIVE RESIN CEMENT: TIME DIFFERENTIAL BETWEEN CEMENTATION AND FINISHING OF CAST DOWEL-CORES By Purnima Joan Shahani, D.D.S., M.S.A Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University.Virginia Commonwealth University, 2003Major Director: Peter C. Moon, M.S., PhDDirector of VCU Dental Biomaterials LaboratoryThis study compared the retention of cast dowel-cores cemented with Panavia® 21 subjected to immediate versus delayed high-speed finishing. Conventionally, finishing is delayed for 24 hours to one week to allow for optimal setting and ultimate strength of the cement. Forty-five recently extracted human maxillary canines were used. Teeth were divided among 3 groups: a control group (n=15, no finishing), an immediate finishing group (n=15, high-speed cutting of the cores performed five minutes after cementation) and a delayed finishing group (n=15, high-speed finishing performed 48 hours post-cementation). Tensile load to failure was applied using an Instron® at a crosshead speed of 0.05 inches/minute. A statistical test of equivalence was performed. The average retention force associated with failure after immediate finishing was not found to be inferior to delayed finishing failure force. In fact, post-hoc comparisons indicated that immediate finishing has statistically significant greater mean retentive force when compared to this force for delayed finishing at p = 0.00001.


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