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Dr. M. Alex Meredith


How the neural representations of different sensory modalities transition from one to another is an unexplored issue of cortical organization. The present experiments addressed this problem by examining auditory projections to the lateral suprasylvian visual area (LSS) of the cat using neuroanatomical tract tracing methods. Injections of tracer (Biotinylated Dextran Amine, BDA) were made into defined areas of the cat auditory cortex. Following transport and tissue processing, a light microscope with a digitizing stage was used to visualize and plot labeled auditory projections to the LSS. The results showed that all auditory cortices tested demonstrated projections to a restricted portion of the LSS. While these projections were concentrated on the outer lip of the lateral bank of the LSS, some scattered auditory projections were found along the entire depth of the lateral bank. These data indicate that, at least in the LSS, projections from different sensory modalities do not form abrupt borders but exhibit areas of overlap. These overlapped projections may provide the anatomical basis for multisensory properties of neurons within transition areas between representations of different sensory modalities.


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