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Master of Science


Pediatric Dentistry

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Dr. Tegwyn Brickhouse


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to asses fluoride varnish use by dental practitioners in Virginia. Methods: Using a cross sectional survey design, all dentists in Virginia who are members of the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) were sent an online survey about usage and knowledge of fluoride varnish. Results: The majority of the respondents were general dentists (79%) followed by pediatric dentists (12%). Fluoride varnish use increased with year of graduation from dental school. Dentists who thought fluoride varnish was more effective and less time consuming use it more than other topical fluorides. Dentists who thought their patients prefer fluoride varnish use it more than other topical fluorides.Conclusion: The majority of dentists are not aware of the advantages of fluoride varnish. However, those who are, choose to use it as opposed to foams and gels. Recent graduates, with more exposure to fluoride varnish, use it more frequently.


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June 2008