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Master of Fine Arts



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Dr. T.R. Hummer


Dinner For One, a hypermedia poetry thesis, explores the themes of aloneness, sexuality, independence, and journeys of discovery and distance. The Chinese zodiac stamps used as navigational elements in Dinner for One and the prose poems written as postcards to oneself an others reinforce the notion of travel. The fortunes from Chinese cookies give prophecies and horoscopes, reminding us of our fate, which is beyond our conrol. Dinner For One means to question, through poetry and interactive, hypertextual reading techniques, how much faith and trust we should hold in influences outside of our lives. The poems in this thesis are meant to be an examination of what we tell ourselves and, sometimes, make ourselves believe.This multimedia, interactive presentation is written with Macromedia 2000. To view the executable file, you must first download it to your computer. It compatible with PC Windows 95/98/NT and best viewed with 800x600 high color resolution on a 17" or larger monitor. To close the document, press the ESC key. The Chinese Zodiac stamps are courtesy of


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June 2008

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