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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Art

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Joseph H. Seipel


I have always preferred the journey to the destination. When I was growing up, my family drove back and forth between Florida and New York every summer. My father did the driving, my mother sat next to him, and my older brother and sister sat in the back seat. This left the cavernous back of the family station wagon for me and the luggage. There was no radio, very little conversation, and I didn't sleep. I spent these summer trips staring for endless hours, out of the back window of the car, transfixed on the expanse of open road behind us. Since I bought my first car I have traveled the country, and since I borrowed my first camera I have been documenting my travels. The miles of highway between destinations, the quiet hours, have interested me as much as, and often more than, the destination. The images in my exhibition are intended to document the journey.These photographs are sequential montages with each photo composed of multiple overlapping images that bleed into one another making an expansive image of open space. Each finished product represents a panorama, but unlike traditional panoramic images, forward, not lateral, movement defines them. Each new frame advances the journey while maintaining a connection with the frame before it. The ambiguity and lack of detail refer to the experience and the quietness of the elapsed time the journey has taken. The finished images reference the journey without necessarily referencing the destination. The presentation size is meant to fill the viewers' vision, making an all-encompassing experience.


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June 2008