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Master of Education


Educational Studies

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Dr. Evelyn Reed-Victor


This study examined the effectiveness of two universally designed methods of instruction, teacher-mediated small group reading and individual use of an electronic book with limited teacher interaction, for preschool children who have been identified as having poor behavioral self-regulation. The sample consisted of 18 preschool children enrolled in an urban Head Start program. The children ranged in age from 43 months to 65 months. Children's measures included the Child Temperament and Personality Questionnaire-Short Form (CTPQ-SF), Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT),Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening for Preschoolers (PALS-PreK) - the Print and Word Awareness subtest, an expressive vocabulary posttest, and a story retelling posttest. Both universally designed methods were effective in developing an internalization of the story vocabulary, as well as overall comprehension of the story.


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June 2008

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