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Dr. Elizabeth Hodges


The objective of this project was to come to a clear understanding of Irish-American culture--and how that culture expresses itself in individuals. The text considers the role of myth, religion, language, tradition, stereotypes and to a lesser degree gender in the molding of character. Although autobiographical in nature many of the themes are those that encompass the Irish-American experience as a whole. Questions asked throughout the process include, what makes one hyphenated? How is this culture passed from generation to generation? And is it multifaceted? Is there more than one way to express being Irish-American. The text is presented is a narrative which is also part of the tradition it presents and makes the assertion that Irish-Americans have a unique culture within the larger American whole. It asserts, like Maxine Hong-Kingston and Richard Rodriguez that the tradition from whence we come shapes who we are.


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June 2008