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Master of Science


Forensic Science and Biology

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Dr. Tracey Dawson Cruz


When forensic biological samples yield low quality/low quantity DNA, thecurrent STR analysis methods do not generate acceptable profiles. Whole genomeamplification can be used to pre-amplify the entire genome for downstream analyses. A commercially available kit for DOP-PCR, a form of WGA, is currently being used in the clinical for downstream single locus targets. Forensic analyses utilize a multiplex amplification. This study determined that the "home brew" created by our lab performs the same as the commercially available kit. Future optimization studies of DOP-PCR can utilize this "home brew". Additionally, this research determined that a 10 second increase in electrokinetic injection time onto the Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) in combination with a post-STR amplification purification and elution into formamide produces a slightly higher percent STR allele success over the standard protocol. After future optimization studies, this may be a useful method to obtain more accurate and complete STR profiles from low quality/low quantity biological samples.


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June 2008

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