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Master of Science



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Dr. Mikhail Reshchikov


The Micro-Raman scattering technique has been used for the study of GaN and ZnO. Capabilities of the Raman technique and existing literature on Raman spectroscopy in GaN and ZnO are reviewed. About 50 GaN and ZnO samples with a wide range of properties are studied. From the analysis of positions of the E2H and A1(LO) phonon modes, biaxial stress and plasmon coupling of the Al(LO) mode are observed and compared to a bulk GaN sample. The stress-related shift rate for the AI(LO) mode in hexagonal GaN is established to be 2.7 ± 0.4 cm-1/GPa through series of GaN with low free carrier concentration. Bulk ZnO and ZnO layers grown on sapphire have been studied, and no biaxial stress is found in ZnO layers. Doping and impurity modes resulted in disorder-activated scattering in ZnO. The choice of the laser for study of GaN and ZnO layers on sapphire substrate is discussed.


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June 2008

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