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Master of Science



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Dr. Steven J. Lindauer


The goal of this study was to determine if a relationship exists between pretreatment facial attractiveness and posttreatment occlusal outcome in orthodontic patients. A randomized sample of forty-seven patients (26 males, 21 females) was selected for inclusion in this study. Orthodontic evaluators rated pretreatment patient photographs (frontal smile, frontal, profile) using a 100 mm visual analog scale (VAS). Occlusal outomes were evaluated using percentage reduction in weighted Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) index scores and the American Board of Orthodontics objective grading system (ABO-OGS). Spearman correlation coefficients were calculated to assess the relationship between pretreatment VAS attractiveness ratings and posttreatment occlusal scores. There was a fair correlation between facial attractiveness and reduction in weighted PAR index scores for all patients (r=.41, p<.01) and for male patients (r=.48, p<.05). The results showed a good correlation between facial attractiveness and the ABO-OGS for females (r=-.55, p<.05).


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June 2008