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Master of Fine Arts


Material Studies

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Susan Iverson


The relationship between surface, perception, and structure has occupied my graduate studies. Locating, transforming, and transcending the surface requires play with perceptive abilities not only of vision, but of touch, hearing, and the other senses as well. How do the interactions of sense with the qualities of a surface determine our perception of the world? What role does the extension of the senses play in one's ability to perceive surface and structure? Using sense information gleaned from surfaces, the tectonics of our world are made visible. Might this relationship be played backwards as well? Composed structures produce surfaces upon which limina can be sensed.This written accompaniment to the thesis works is intended to continue the exploration of the surface/ sense/ structure relationship. With the visual work as a basis, each section consists of two parts. This structure is a tool for producing sense information for the viewer concerning the visual work.The first part serves as a bridge between the particular visual work and the second part. Consisting of a page or so of text, the first part of each section is also intended to set a tone or position the reader for the second part. The second part is more formal and speaks about the ideas behind the produced object, and for the most part could be applied to any works in this thesis. My desire is that the adjacency of the pieces in each section will create a friction of sorts— an awareness of the surface between the two writings, and perhaps, between the writing and the objects.


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June 2008