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Master of Science



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Dr. Suzanne E. Mazzeo


Both eating disorders and smoking are significant problems for Black and White college women. Additionally, these two negative health behaviors frequently co-occur. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between these health behaviors using a multivariate model. Two models, one for full and one for partial mediation, were tested using Structural Equation Modeling. The Model for full mediation tested whether the relationship among general distress and smoking are fully mediated by body dissatisfaction, restraint, and binge eating. The model for partial mediation hypothesized that the relationships among general distress, and smoking are mediated by body dissatisfaction, restraint, and binge eating. Results indicated that there was not a significant difference between the full and partial model and therefore, the full model was retained as it is more parsimonious. In addition, a test of model invariance was conducted on the full mediation model to test form potential differences in Black and Whites. It was found that the structural model is invariant across these two groups. Results of this study may have important implications for future research as well as for treatment and preventative interventions.


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June 2008

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