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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Dr. Camden Whitehead


It began with the desire to create a SPA that emanates perfect harmonic balance through architecture. What architectural solutions would synchronize the spiritual, mental, and physical elements of the SPA? The answers lie in the meaning of the term 'SPA'.SPA popularity has increased due to the population's craving for healthier lifestyles. Heightened awareness of the afflictions caused by poor health has led people to seek out the benefits of a positive physical and mental environment.Many commercial spas are designed to meet only physical needs and disregard important spiritual and mental factors that contribute to wellness of mind, body and spirit.The spiritual SPA integrates inner awareness and consciousness with the natural surroundings and addresses the relationship between interior architecture and SPA users. A peaceful atmosphere is created to aid in the development of inner awareness.Water plays an important role. The project is developed around water and emphasizes water as a symbol of tranquility. The spiritual SPA provides comprehensive services and physical wellness in a environment that enhances the complimentary therapies and treatments.


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June 2008