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Dr. Russell E. Bogacki


BackgroundWithin dentistry, a limited body of literature exists regarding the referral relationships between general practitioners (GPs) and specialists. The purpose of this study was to investigate the referral relationship between GPs and periodontists within the state of Virginia. MethodsA survey focused on the demographic variables in the referral relationship between GPs and periodontists was developed. The survey was mailed to 800 dentists throughout the state of Virginia. Descriptive statistics was completed along with multivariate logistic regression analysis comparing the responses with the number of patients referred per month to a periodontist. ResultsFemale respondents were more likely to refer three or more patients per month to a periodontist than a male respondent (pConclusion This study indicates that four demographic variables have a statistical influence on the number of referrals per month from a GP to a periodontist. These variables are: female gender, practicing with one other dentist, employing two or more hygienists, and being greater than five miles away from the nearest periodontist.


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June 2008