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Master of Public Health


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Dr. Saba D. Masho


Background: Status epilepticus (SE) is a serious medical condition associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Few studies have addressed this condition in the elderly. The present study examines predictors of SE mortality in this growing population.Methods: SE patients visiting the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center from July 1, 1989, to June 30,2006 were included in the study. Data on demographic characteristics, SE type, etiology, time to treatment and mortality were collected. Logistic regression analysis was conducted to examine the determinants of mortality due to SE. Data was stratified by age to examine the characteristics of SE among the elderly population.Results: A total of 2,220 SE patients were included in this study. One-third of the patient population were elderly (>60 years). Mortality in the elderly group was significantly higher than in the young group (OR=3.54 CI 2.53-4.95). The logistic regression model showed that being white, female, having hypoxia, CNS acute, non-CNS acute and remote etiology groups were significant predictors for mortality in the elderly.Conclusions: SE is a serious medical condition, consisting of prolonged seizure activity, associated with a significant mortality. Elderly patients with SE represent a distinct population with unique characteristics.


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June 2008

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