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Master of Fine Arts


Fashion Design & Merchandising

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Dr. Elizabeth Hopper


The twelve patterns presented in this collection represent the period 1920 through 1945. It is in no way a complete study of the period, but a representation of garments throughout this period in sketch and pattern form. The patterns presented are complete working patterns in full scale with no seams allowed. The garments have been dated according to research into the period. In addition to the pattern, sketch, and description of each garment, construction notes are included to aid in the building of these garments. Hopefully this collection will be useful for theatre costuming or where ever there is a need for authentic patterns of the period 1920 through 1945. The collection of patterns will be housed in the Department of Theatre's costume shop. The garments studied in this collection were obtained from the Virginia Commonwealth University Apparel Museum, Fashion Design Department. My sincere thanks to Alex Bodea, Department Chairman for his help and support.


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June 2008