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Jack Wax


The works contained in "Raubeaux Scientician" are about a triadic relationship between people, science, and art. The obsessions, of individuals and the apparent change brought about by their physical presence guide my artistic research. I am awestruck at the capabilities of the individual to overcome conventional thought and through creative action yield a new vision. Some of the people I am fascinated by put forth theories and inventions that continue to affect myriad aspects of our world today. Among those at the forefront are, Robert Oppenheimer, and Edward Teller. Their contributions to science and mathematics remain almost unmatched. These and many others on the Manhattan Project team were employing cutting edge physics in their atomic research. The decisions to go through with the testing and the resulting construction of atomic weapons quite simply changed the face of humanity forever. With the knowledge of how to obliterate mankind, however, came a closer understanding of nature and the universe. But was it all worth it? And what about the not so famous men and women on this project, those such as Stanislaw Ulam who felt the calculations for atomic testing were all wrong and traveled the scientific community to try and stop the making of the bomb. What if he had been successful in ending the use of these postulates?


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June 2008