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Dr. Eser Tufekci


The aim was to evaluate whether a whitening system, when used during the final stages of orthodontics, would yield results comparable to whitening alone. Patients were assigned to either the control (n=20) or experimental (n=26) groups. At T1, patients were given a ten day supply of Trèswhite™ by Opalescence®, instructions on use, and initial shade determination was made and photographs were taken. At T2 and T3, shade determination was accomplished and updated photographs were taken. Whitening of the teeth occurred in both groups on average, but significantly more whitening was experienced in the experimental group (p < 0.004). An average of 87% of teeth whitened during orthodontic treatment compared to 97% of control teeth (p < 0.01) were judged to be uniform in appearance. In conclusion, the data do not contraindicate the concurrent accomplishment of teeth whitening during orthodontic treatment.


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June 2008