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Master of Science



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Dr. Steven J Lindauer


The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of sagittal mandibular position on preferred lip position in profile. Five androgynous silhouette profiles differing only in the degree of mandibular retro- or prognathism (-25º, -18º, -11º, -4º, & +3º facial contour angles) were created. Using a computer animation program, evaluators moved the lips independently into the position deemed to be the most esthetic for each profile. Evaluators included adolescent orthodontic patients, parents of patients, and orthodontists. In general, no differences in preferred lip position were found between the –11º & -4º profiles or between the –18º & +3º profiles, but preferences for each of the three profile groupings (-11º & -4º, -18º & +3º, and –25º) were different. No differences were found among the three evaluator groups or between male and female evaluators. Scattered and inconsistent differences were found among lip preferences for male and female profiles.


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June 2008