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Master of Fine Arts



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Lydia Thompson


My current work revels in a state of flux. I strive for the work to be electrically charged, conveying a feverish sense of immediacy and vitality that implies motion and frenetic energy. The work is an accretion of brightly colored biomorphic forms that extend out from the wall and onto the floor. Viscous parts ooze and drip while others are globular and bulbous. The hyper-organic forms suggest a paradoxical state of both ripening and rotting, becoming and unbecoming. The work is an attempt to traverse between seemingly divergent constructs, some of which include: growth and decay, the artificial and the natural, the body and the landscape, the infinite and the miniscule, and the real and the imagined. I intend for the works to be suggestive of mutation, of systems becoming cross-wired and melting into each other.


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June 2008

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