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Design Analysis of the VCU Mainstage production process for The Nerd The comedic farce, The Nerd, written by Larry Shue and directed by Drew Fracher here at VCU, is the production I intend to analyze in terms of the scenic design process. From the initial conception of ideas, to their development through collaboration, to completion of construction, and ultimately, opening night, I plan to breakout my process step by step. I'd like to communicate the transformation of a literary play into the three-dimensional world in my mind.I. Introduction A. Overall description of process as it applies to this particular interaction with director and designers B. Each person involved in process and their specific roleII. Body A. Process breakdown B. Each insinuated step defined in a more concrete manner 1. play analysis by scenic designer 2. initial meeting with director to understand his/her interpretation and conceptual plans for play 3. research begins with previous steps in mind begins the collaborative effort 4. research presentation meeting with director 5. initial design ideas developed with input from director and interpreted into a floor plan or three-dimensional representation of the set 6. feedback from director 7. redesign or adjustments based on director's comments as well as functional and aesthetic developments 8. the build of the final design begins with the knowledge that contingencies remain that will create hopefully only small adjustments C. Although this breakdown may be somewhat matter of fact, the intricacies of the process I went through in designing the set for The Nerd will hopefully flush out the details into a more authentic realityIII. Conclusion A. My opinion of the process B. Personal feedback on the resulting design C. Positive experiences D. Negative experiences and how I would change them E. In the end, what I learned from the process and collaboration


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