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Dr. Roland N. Pittman


Previous studies have shown an increase in survival when a minute amount of drag-reducing polymers were added to a resuscitation fluid. The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effect of adding a minute amount of the drag-reducing polymer polyethylene glycol to a resuscitation fluid, on the microcirculation of skeletal muscle during a volume-controlled hemorrhage model. The spinotrapezius muscle in twelve male Sprague Dawley rats was exteriorized for microvascular measurements of the arterioles. The diameters of the three levels of arterioles, interstitial fluid PO2, and RBC velocity in the feed arteriole were measured. Flow in the feed arteriole was calculated using the diameter and RBC velocity. Heart rate, mean arterial pressure, respiratory rate, arterial blood gases, arterial blood electrolytes, and arterial blood metabolites were measured. No significant physiological differences were observed between the DRP group and the Control group.


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June 2008

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