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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Studies

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Dr. Nora Alder


This study is a predictive validity study investigating if teaching candidate performance on the teacher work sample predicted post-assessment achievement of K-5 students. Teaching candidate scores on the teacher work sample for 124 pre-service teachers were matched with the post-assessment scores of the 1,321 K-5 students to whom they taught a one- to two-week instructional unit. The pre-service teachers were in a semester-long field placement prior to student teaching in four rural, low-income elementary schools. Three of the thirty-two individual indicators of the teacher work sample were significant predictors of K-5 student achievement: knowledge of community, school, and classroom factors (Contextual Factors); sound professional practice (Instructional Decision-Making); and adjustments based on analysis of student learning (Instructional Decision-Making).


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June 2008

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