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Dr. Pamela G. Taylor


In recent years, art education has started an on-going discussion on the issue of visual culture. In the past few years this issue also becomes topical due to the necessity to improve art education in Taiwan. Currently, art education based on visual culture has become a very important concern in Taiwan. However, the concept of visual culture has its origin in foreign theories. In order for our art professional to remain independent, it is essential that Taiwanese art teachers begin to address the issue of how to properly incorporate the concept of visual culture into the design of our art curriculum, by applying an educational method entirely based on the unique experiences of Taiwan. Responding to this need, I have tried in my current research to investigate the curriculum design model that is based on visual culture theories, and to combine it with a concept of cultural education that is uniquely Taiwanese. My hope is to provide a curriculum model that is based on native Taiwanese visual culture, which might ease the educators' efforts of turning theory into practice.Therefore, in the present study I will: (1) investigate the importance of applying visual culture to art education; (2) explore the suitability of applying the theory of visual culture to the design of art curriculum in Taiwan; (3) derive from this research a set of curriculum design principles based on the ideas of visual culture art education, which can be applied and linked to the cultural characteristics of Taiwan.


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