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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Camden Whitehead

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Lafazani Christiana


Research suggests that the first five years of life are critical for building the foundation for children’s success throughout their schooling and life. Throughout these first years of life there are a number of essential windows of opportunity during which certain kinds of stimuli are needed to help the brain develop and maintain critical connections necessary for learning. This project is a unification of a Child Development Center and a therapeutic center. This center includes children who suffer from bereavement; a broken home, death of a parent or child abuse. These children are provided with therapy by a specialist, and also given an opportunity to interact with other children as a form of therapy. This thesis therefore explores the following questions. How can design create a place that enhances learning, healing and play through interaction and movement? How can design create a space for the special needs of children without having to bind them in a classroom? How to create movement in a building that itself is static in nature?


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August 2008