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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Camden Whitehead

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Christiana Lafazani


Corporate Housing & Training is a hybrid project that promotes the future use of living-and-working environments in the same site offering the amenities of a hotel, apartment and an office in one. The challenge of approaching this type of project is the way the program works and how it flows together with different users and different needs without even getting out of the building at the same time. This project helps the actual local and global needs because it would be a big impact for the traveling executives and companies by promoting business, exchange of ideas, and socializing; due to a wider span of options for them and have time after work to do other activities with the community all involved in one place. In order to complete this project nine case studies where explored from a view of similar sites, programs and processes by Architects and Interior Designers who approached the solution to the problem in different ways.


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August 2008