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Master of Science


Electrical Engineering

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Afroditi Filippas


In this work, reagentless fiber optic-based chemical sensors for water quality testing were fabricated by coating fiber Bragg gratings with the glassy polymer cellulose acetate. With this polymeric matrix capable of localizing or concentrating chemical constituents within its structure, immersion of the coated grating in various chemical solutions causes the rigid polymer to expand and mechanically strain the glass fiber. The corresponding changes in the periodicity of the grating subsequently result in altered Bragg-reflected responses. A high-resolution tunable fiber ring laser interrogator is used to obtain room temperature reflectance spectrograms from two fiber gratings at 1550 nm and 1540 nm wavelengths. Rapidly swept measurements of the full spectral shapes yield real-time chemical detection and identification. With deionized water as a reference, wavelength shifts in the reflectivity transition edge from –82 pm to +43 pm and changes in response bandwidth from –27 pm to +42 pm are used to identify uniquely a diverse selection of chemical analytes.


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August 2008