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Located in Richmond, Virginia, MO Design is a small design/build company founded by Molly O’Saben. Ms. O’Saben received her bachelor’s degree in Craft & Material Studies and her master’s in Interior Environments from Virginia Commonwealth University. MO Design was founded in 2010 with a team of fellow alumni from VCU.

We make objects that inspire inventiveness. Our reconfigurable components offer our clients the unique ability to adapt their environments to life’s ever-changing needs.

We make MODs: Make your Own Designs.

Our products are for people who appreciate efficient spaces, are open to exploring possibilities, and like to play. Just as Legos have uniform connections providing a myriad of options for building, our MODs offer the same versatility in a serious adult form. Use our building blocks to make a table, chair, or custom wall unit. When your needs change, dismantle your chair and rebuild it into a bookcase. We make objects that challenge the client to investigate. With exploration of their needs and implementation of their design comes a sense of accomplishment. We want to create this feeling of pride through working hard at play. MODs serve the needs of young and old, differing personalities, multiple demographics and help keep the world green with each reconfiguration.

OUR MISSION: to bring the pride of making back to the individual.

We design, build, and distribute our products. Our company designs components that offer versatility to our customers. MODs are block-like pieces that joint together using tradition mortise and tenon construction. The components we make can be reconfigured like puzzles, providing hours of entertainment for all ages. For our more conservative customers we make MOD PODs: a collection of MODs packaged and sold with assembly instructions to make a specific piece.

MO Design also offers MOD Design Services. We can build a custom office, living room, or children’s bedroom with our products based on your unique specifications.

We design to produce options, reduce waste, and create fun in the process. Our clients purchase products based on quality, versatility, and sustainability. Our products challenge how we see furniture – from monolithic, singular objects to dynamic tools for living. Small spaces need flexibility and the proper pieces are essential to an organized environment.

Our products offer the:
• opportunity for individuals to create custom designs.
• ability to customize products without needing expensive, dangerous tools.
• potential for growth with new designs that continue to connect to original parts.
• enhancement of human needs, both physical and emotional.
• excitement of exploration, collaboration, and play.
• versatility to compliment any lifestyle, from highlighted piece to a closet storage system.
• manageability of a product that can be moved and manipulated by a single person.
• a challenge to our current product cycles: buy, use, and discard.

So, lets play with MODs!


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