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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Ju Wang


Metal structures are susceptible to various types of damages, including corrosion, stress damage, pillowing deformation, cracks etc. These kinds of damages in the metal structures occur mainly due to operational conditions and exposure to the environment. Our research involves a portable integrated wireless sensor system with video camera and ultrasound capabilities which is being developed to investigate corrosion damage on real structures in real time. This system uses images of the metal surfaces, which are captured from an integrated wireless sensor and then quantified and analyzed using computational intelligence. The quantification of the obtained images is done with specialized component analysis software which enhances and performs wavelet transforms on the received images. Through this quantized analysis of the images we can detect and isolate regions of degradation on the metal surface. We believe that the final developed system will allow us to detect damage in metallic structures in its early stages, thereby ensuring proper safety and maintenance of its structural health. This system will further be targeted towards medical applications with capabilities of remote health monitoring. The initial target areas being bone structure and cancer detection and analysis. Applying such a wireless data capture system in these areas will reveal a broad spectrum of the usage of such an application system.


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December 2008