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Dorne Yager


A murine model was utilized to test the influence of heavy metal protoporphyrins on burn conversion, heme oxygenase – 1 (HO-1) expression, and inflammation. Heavy metal protoporphyrins, such as cobalt protoporphyrin (Co PP) and tin protoporphyrin (Sn PP), were used to influence the heme oxygenase activity. The effects of these heavy metal protoporphyrins on burn wound conversion were examined using a burn comb model in rats. In addition to assessing the extent of conversion, HO-1 expression and parameters of inflammation were also examined in the area of injury (interspace region) subject to conversion. These studies demonstrate proof in principal that pharmacologic agents known to modify HO activity can also modulate burn wound conversion. Improved outcome correlated with HO-1 expression/activity and reduced inflammation. This suggests that one of the mechanisms utilized by HO-1 to improve burn wound outcome involves modulation of one or more components of the inflammatory response.


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