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Master of Arts


Photography & Film

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Paul Thulin


This thesis focuses on the evolution of my work created during my two years of study at Virginia Commonwealth University. Although I touch upon my influences what I am writing is a reflection after the fact that does not necessarily encompass my original intent or inspirations for these works. I find my inspiration from personal discoveries within my daily life. Light flickering through the rails of a fence as I walk by makes me more aware of my body's movement in space. Watching the steady condensation of water droplets forming on a fountain creates a moment of pause within the world. Through these discoveries preconceptions about the world are forgotten and instead I focus on my experience. The potential for translating these moments into installations for an audience fuels my work. Though everyone experiences the world differently the pursuit of a common ground creates situations for further discoveries. The process of writing this paper has helped me to find a common thread within my work. Thinking back through the experiential discoveries of each piece has furthered my understanding, just as it originally propelled my artistic productio


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December 2008