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Master of Public Health


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Hongjie Liu


Objectives: This study estimates the proportion of intravenous drug use (IDU) partners and HIV positive sexual partners among black and white and examine the association between repeat HIV testing and sex with high risk partners. Methods: A cross-sectional study of MSM was conducted by using pooled data from counseling, Testing, Referral services in Virginia, USA 2002-2007. Results: We obtained a sample of 19679 MSM out of which 10924(56%) and 6739(34%) were white and black MSM respectively. The proportion of IDU partners and HIV positive partners were among white MSM (5% and 11%) and black MSM (3% and 9%) respectively. Age rather than race was significantly associated with having more IDU and HIV positive partners. MSM in 30 - 39 age groups were thrice likely to have sex with HIV partners compared to young MSM. 79% and 74% of the white MSM and black MSM had undergone previous HIV testing. Previously tested MSM were twice likely to report to have sex with HIV positive partners compared to first time testers. Discussion: These findings suggest that fewer black MSM compared with white MSM report having HIV positive sex partners. HIV test repeaters continue to engage in sex with high risk individuals. Further study is needed to compare high risk behaviors between HIV positive repeaters and HIV negative repeaters. Identifying the epidemiological dynamics driving HIV infection among black MSM that go beyond individual level risk behaviors may be warranted.


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