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Doctor of Philosophy


Public Policy & Administration

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Jill Gordon

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Robyn Diehl

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Mark Williams

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Julie Molloy


The purpose of this exploratory study was to further investigate the notion of parental competencies through the use of the Juvenile Offender Parent Questionnaire as previously developed by Rose and colleagues (2004). The parent questionnaire was administered to 88 parents of juvenile probationers placed on probation in a Virginia county. Exploratory Factor Analysis revealed an eight-factor solution: parental exasperation, parental resignation, mistrust of the juvenile justice system, shame over parenting efficacy, parental monitoring, fear of the child, parent perceptions of child’s exposure to violence, and anger towards child. Regression analyses indicate that parental exasperation and parental resignation were not significant predictors of whether a juvenile violates their probation or subsequently offends while on probation; however, parental monitoring was significant. Moreover, this study highlights the significance of maintaining passing grades and refraining from substance use as predictors of offending patterns in probationers. This document was created in Microsoft Word 2003.


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April 2009