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Cathexellanea is a portmanteau word blending "cathexis," a psychoanalytical term meaning an investment of mental or emotional energy on a person, object or idea; and "miscellanea," a collection of objects or writings. One theme running through these stories concerns characters attempt to define themselves through their desires. "Bottomless" explores the idea of emotional and physical fulfillment. "Croquembouche" revolves around self-loathing and corruptibility. In "Destripado," the protagonist discovers that one way to dispel fear is to become the thing that causes it. "Ghosts" asks whether it is a past lover the protagonist longs for, or her phantoms. "Versions" deals with the impossibility of an authentic version of a life. "Interior" explores the possibility of love over an impassable distance. "Blood" is about a girl's strange ability to feel, and even steal, her brother's pain-and his pleasure.


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