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Master of Science



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Eser Tufekci

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Steven Lindauer

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Bhavna Shroff

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Peter Moon


The purpose of this study was to compare shear bond strengths of brackets bonded to stainless steel crowns using various orthodontic adhesives and surface conditioning techniques. One hundred and twenty mandibular first molar stainless steel crowns were randomly divided into groups: (1): Aluminablasting + Metal Primer + Assure; (2): Aluminablasting + Silane Coupling Agent + Transbond; (3): Diamond Bur Abrasion + Metal Primer + Assure; (4): Diamond Bur Abrasion + Silane Coupling Agent + Transbond; (5: control): Acid Etching + Metal Primer + Assure; (6: control): Acid Etching + Silane Coupling Agent + Transbond. Bond strength was tested using a universal testing machine. Both aluminablasting and diamond bur abrasion surface preparation techniques, when used in conjunction with metal primer and Assure bonding resin, reached clinically acceptable bond strength values (9.05 and 9.30 MPa, respectively). These techniques seem to offer viable options to bond orthodontic brackets to stainless steel crowns.


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April 2009