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Dace S. Svikis


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between history of parental substance abuse and substance use and psychiatric severity measures in a sample of treatment-seeking, pregnant women who meet DSM-IIIR criteria for lifetime opioid and cocaine abuse and/or dependence (N=260). The study examined whether a dose-response relationship was observed between number of parents affected by substance use problems (0, 1, and 2) and degree of women’s substance use and psychiatric severity. Results did not support a dose-response relationship between density of parental problems and substance use and psychiatric severity. However, some differences in severity were seen at different levels and types of parental density. Overall, the present study supports the need to further examine parental history of substance abuse as a potential risk factor for more severe substance use and psychiatric problems. Study findings have important implications for the screening and treatment of substance dependence during pregnancy.


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