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Suzanne Mazzeo

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Marilyn Stern

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Ronald Evans

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Leroy Thacker


Overweight and obesity are associated with an array of negative physical and psychosocial symptoms in adolescents. Numerous pediatric obesity interventions have emerged in an attempt to address this significant public health concern. However, few have focused on African American females, a particularly high risk group for negative health behaviors and associated complications. Moreover, research examining the psychosocial changes associated with increases in physical activity and fitness, although promising in elder and adult populations, is nearly nonexistent in adolescents. Thus, the current study addressed limitations in the research and examined the psychosocial outcomes of adolescent participants in T.E.E.N.S., a culturally sensitive, multidisciplinary weight loss intervention. From baseline to 6 month post-testing, program participants demonstrated significant improvements in physical, emotional, and social functioning, as well as body dissatisfaction. Moreover, increases in physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness were associated with significant enhancements in several domains of psychological well-being.


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