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Master of Art Education


Art Education

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Melanie Buffington


This grounded theory project researches and analyzes publications from 1990-2008 assessing the debate over aesthetics in/and VCAE in 21st century art education. Through a series of visual models, a working theory and its supporting evidence assess this contested subject. Within the context of Modern and Postmodern paradigm conflict, art educators’ debate over aesthetics in/and VCAE fundamentally deals with differing conceptions of identity and freedom. Although commonly sharing the goal of fostering the formation of student identity through the provision and exercise of freedom, art educators’ differing perspectives on identity and freedom result in differing prescriptions for 21st century art education. By presenting qualitative data analysis through grounded theory, I guide fellow art educators through this debate by providing snapshots of information as well as detailed portraits of the scholars and their multifarious rationales.


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May 2009

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